Amazon One-Day Deals on TV

Has anyone noticed that around and leading up to Christmas, Amazon starts sending out deals about one-day deals to offload some complete series of different Television shows.

Well, a couple came up that piqued my interest:

  • ER: The Complete Series
  • Flashpoint: The Complete Series

Yes, I bought them. Heck, ER was only a hundred bucks (Canadian) and there’s a whopping 15 seasons. I watched some of the later seasons of ER, but now I get to watch all of them which I’m really looking forward to.


New Website!!!

Okay, I’ve been procrastinating for some time, but I finally got rid of the old crappy looking website (more of a placeholder) and finally got a WordPress site up and running. I think the theme I found looks alright, and I’m going to be making an effort to add some stuff in here.

I suppose you could call it a New Year’s resolution maybe? But I better not, because generally speaking, New Year’s resolutions end up making their way of the dodo bird – extinction.

My old website ( should redirect to this new website ( as well.

Anyways, let me know what you think!


Travel for Christmas

I don’t travel a lot, usually just within the province. Recently, Christmas led to a bit of travel. I drove the WHOLE way from Calgary to Edmonton. Ya, okay, so it’s only like 3 hours away, but it was in the dark and it started snowing on the way too, so…

Anyways, Christmas was good. Stayed at my Sister’s place along with my Mom & Dad as well. I got in on Christmas Eve eve, and left on Boxing Day after lunch.

Next bit of travel will be in January. You’ll never guess where it will be too… yup – Edmonton. Our Christmas / Holiday party for the company (Next Digital) will be held in Edmonton in January, so will be making the drive up for that. Stay tuned!


Making Lists Easier – Wunderlist

Okay, so you know how you go to the grocery store and you end up walking up and down all the aisles trying to remember what you need to get? Or maybe you have a big TODO list at home, and conveniently forget what they are? There are many different types of lists to maintain, and many people (including yours truly) don’t do a good job of maintaining them.

Well, I finally decided to try and look for some sort of ‘list’ app that I can have on my phone, but more importantly be able to update on my computer (because let’s face it, typing on a phone isn’t the speediest) and have it update or synch to my phone.

I’m sure there are a lot of them out there, but sometimes trying to pull the trigger on one and hope it works out can sometimes be a difficult decision. Then this thing called procrastination kicks in and it just never ends up happening.

Well I found one recently, that I just had to try out. It’s called Wunderlist. Their tag line on the site is “Your life in sync”. Sounds good to me. So why not give it a try… Wunderlist

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Panna Cotta with a Pomegranate Glaze, and Hazelnut Chocolate and Fresh Berries

Okay, well this is a Food item, but I also took a picture of it. So, since it’s pretty much my first photo since setting up this site, let’s add it here.


Panna Cotta with a Pomegranate Glaze, Hazelnut Chocolate and Fresh Berries #yum

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