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Okay, so you know how you go to the grocery store and you end up walking up and down all the aisles trying to remember what you need to get? Or maybe you have a big TODO list at home, and conveniently forget what they are? There are many different types of lists to maintain, and many people (including yours truly) don’t do a good job of maintaining them.

Well, I finally decided to try and look for some sort of ‘list’ app that I can have on my phone, but more importantly be able to update on my computer (because let’s face it, typing on a phone isn’t the speediest) and have it update or synch to my phone.

I’m sure there are a lot of them out there, but sometimes trying to pull the trigger on one and hope it works out can sometimes be a difficult decision. Then this thing called procrastination kicks in and it just never ends up happening.

Well I found one recently, that I just had to try out. It’s called Wunderlist. Their tag line on the site is “Your life in sync”. Sounds good to me. So why not give it a try… Wunderlist

I signed up for a free account, checked off the types of lists I use (basically all of them), and within no time my Google Chrome browser (yup, plug for Google Chrome, as I love this browser and thinks everyone should use it) presented me with my initial lists. I also searched the App Store for Wunderlist and installed the appropriate iOS app. Then, the initial list I played with is Groceries list.

Over a day, I started going through a few recipes that I wanted to make the next day and started entering the various ingredients into the list. Once I had the list done (42 different items), I checked my phone. After adding items on my computer (typing on a normal keyboard), they continually sync and show up in the list on my iPhone. You can also just click and drag on the list items to rearrange them, so this is helpful by grouping all the Dairy-type items together, Meat, Fruits, Veggies, etc. Then while you are walking around the store if you are in the fruits aisle, all your fruit items will be side-by-side.

This is great. Then the test came — I travelled to the grocery store and hoped to high heck that the list worked like it should. I went to the different aisles in the store, navigated on my phone to those items, and every time I added an item to my cart, I simply checked the list item and it disappears from the list (it moves to the completed items) section. Once I had all my items, check out and get home.

The Wunderlist app works GREAT!!! I highly recommend it, it’s a free account to create, and now I have a bunch of other lists to start adding items into.

Hope you find this helpful, Cory.


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