Photographs of Ice Crystals on Window

Yesterday I noticed a bunch of ice crystals on my balcony window and thought it might make a good close-up photograph opportunity. At first I shot from inside my apartment, to outside, then went out on to the balcony and shot from outside in. It turns out, when photographing through glass, it doesn’t help with the glass is dirty (duh!); however, too little too late.

I ended up snapping a few photographs then came back into the warmth. After I got them on my computer and looked at them in Lightroom, they were really grey and didn’t look all that good. Most photographs usually require some form of touch-ups, using either Lightroom or Photoshop, but these ones needed a lot of work. So I set out to do some Photoshop work in attempting to make the ice crystals stand out on a black background instead of grey. I think they look pretty good on screen, but I’m not sure what they would look like printed out (especially in a larger size). That’s for another day, but in the meantime take a look at the modifications and let me know what you think.

Gallery of Ice Crystal Photographs – Before & After