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Short & Sweet Bio: I’m a bit of a techie, like to snap photos, love to eat great (and sometimes not so great) food, and love watching all sorts of TV & Movies.

Employment History

Employment History


Next Digital

Years 2008 to Present | http://www.nextdigital.ca

At Next Digital I currently hold the position of Internal IT Analyst, previously I was a Technical Solutions Lead. While I used to primarily focus on the support of Client desktops, servers, and networks, I now primarily do this work for our Internal Staff and Infrastructure. It can be a quite challenging and demanding job at times.


Net Dimensions

Years 2004 – 2008

At Net Dimensions, I was recruited by Shawn Smashnuk who had previously hired me at my first job with Focus (see below); I started out doing application development and then transitioned in to being a Systems Analyst. In 2008 Net Dimensions was bought out by Next Digital, and I then started my employment with them (see above). In addition to development / systems analyst, I also contribute within the Operations department. I handled a lot of our purchasing as well as helping out with billing and invoicing.

Systems Analyst

After custom application development slowed down, I transitioned in to being a Systems Analyst which allowed me to provide support to our clients with desktops, servers, and networking. In addition to support, we provided new installations as well.

Application Development

For the first couple of years most of my focus was spent on some custom application development and website work. Some select details of these include:

  • Web Development using technologies like Java, VB.NET, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc; in Linux, Windows
  • Application Development using Java
  • Database Work involving MySQL and MS SQL
  • CMS systems setup mostly consisting of Joomla



Years 2000 – 2004 | http://www.focus.ca

I started with Focus in Edmonton, Alberta back in 2000, just out of school, as a junior application developer. I attended Grande Prairie Regional College, and one of my classmates, David Gannon, informed me about this job position. I landed the job, and the rest as they say is history; later I moved into an intermediate application developer role. Some select details of work include:

  • Web Development using technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET, VB 6, COM/MTS, JavaScript, HTML, AutoCAD Mapping, etc; in Windows
  • Application Development using VB.NET, VB 6
  • Database Work involving MS SQL and Oracle
  • Integrate custom internal applications with commercial software (Wind2 FMS, Avanti)
  • Support: Maintenance of internal applications; Training other support personnel


Lakeside Leader

Year 2000

I worked briefly at the Lakeside Leader newspaper in Slave Lake, Alberta. I basically helped out wherever I could, primarily focusing on the layout and graphics of ads and articles. I occasionally got had to bundle and deliver papers to businesses. Once I got to take out a company camera and snap a few pictures from a hot air balloon (tethered to the ground, but up in the air a bit). I wish I could get my hands on those pictures…


M&P Contracting

Years * – 2000

M&P Contracting is owned and operated by my parents. The “*” in the starting year just indicates that I’ve helped on in one area or another since I was younger, whether it was to help out or for actual employment. It is true that as a teen, I would help out and get paid for it, but in later years I actually worked a couple of summers in between college. Some select bit of work includes:

  • Construction: building, shingling, siding, cement, fences, cabinets, etc
  • Renovating: drywall, mudding (plastering), sanding, painting, flooring (tiles, lino, carpet)
  • Well, everything under the sun really


United Carpet (now known as Nufloors)

Summers of 1997 / 1998

During summer while in college, I would move back to Slave Lake. The first two summers home from college I worked at United Carpet. It was actually a pretty good job, and great people to work with. I even accidentally crashed the fork lift boom/mast (? is that the word ?) into the upper window above the door and shattered glass everywhere, oops !! Some of the duties I performed were:

  • Operating the till
  • Help with Sales: products, paint, flooring, etc
  • Mixing Paint (lots of this)
  • Delivery, at times
  • Hanging blinds (horizontal, vertical, etc) for Clients
  • Measuring and cutting flooring
  • Freight, unloading delivery palettes, carpet/lino rolls (mini-forklift)
  • … and a lot of other stuff
Interesting Projects

Interesting Projects

With Desktop/Server/Network Support and Installation, a lot stays the same but you do get to work on some new setups. Some technology highlights include:

  • Routers/Firewalls: WatchGuard, Fortigate
  • Servers: HP, Dell
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, VMWare ESXi, Hyper V


Back in my application development days, I had some interesting projects I worked on, and I’ll highlight a few of them here:

Support Site

Purpose: To create a new ASP.NET support website for Wonderville Website.

Duration: 2 months

Role: Design, Application Developer

  • Improvements: increased usability, increased performance, branding, new technologies, security, forum tool
  • Creation of support site, integrate purchased Forum tool into the site.
  • Extend the Forum tool to include Client-required customizations
  • Override some of the Forum functionality based on Client requirements
  • Security for accounts and protected content
  • Implementation on Client servers

Document Delivery System

Purpose: A secure web-based file-sharing application developed for service companies involved in the oil and gas industry. It is designed to enhance communication and facilitate immediate access to project documents.

Duration: 1.5 Years initially, then on-going

Role: Design and develop a Java application with a MySQL back end and a JSP/Servlet front end using the Jakarta Struts Framework

  • Database Design for MySQL, Application Design
  • Script creation for database access and population, maintenance, etc
  • Development of Application
  • Testing
  • Upgrades, new functionality

Document Delivery System: Back-end Utilities

Purpose: To develop command-line utilities for database and file synchronization, between a Companies internal information, and their externally hosted information (for Client access).

Duration: 1 Month

Role: Design and develop Java application command-line utilities

  • Development of Utilities
  • Testing
  • Upgrades, new functionality

On-line Bookstore Maintenance and New Development

Purpose: To maintain a Client’s Online Bookstore and any new development required

Duration: 2 Months initially, On-going

Role: Maintain the current website. Any new development for the Client

  • Uses the Data Migration Tool, mentioned below, for the population of the Online Bookstore’s data.
  • Continual front-end development, upgrades

Data Migration Tool

Purpose: To develop an application that will migrate new and updated information between MySQL databases

Duration: 1 Month

Role: Design and develop a Java application with a MySQL back-end

  • Field mapping between a single table (source) and multiple tables (destination)
  • Insertion of new records; updating existing records
  • Generate SQL script file to execute on host provider

Avanti Human Resources & Payroll Implementation

Purpose: To implement a Human Resources & Payroll application to make use of newer technologies

Duration: 6 months

Role: Provided data transfer services:

  • Mapped an existing data structure (multiple databases in SQL Server, imported files from AccPac) with Avanti’s (SQL Server)
  • Developed Transact-SQL scripts to transfer the initial information: Employee, Benefits, Payroll history
  • Developed Stored Procedures that, for each pay period, obtains Employees’ time and applies rules that determines Regular Time, Overtime, Statutory, etc depending on the Pay Group they are in
  • Multiple rounds of quality assurance to ensure data integrity
  • Maintained the highest level of confidentiality with the information being dealt with
  • High interaction and communication with the Client (Human Resources and Payroll)
  • High interaction and communication with Avanti to work with their system

Build an Invoicing Application

Purpose: To automatically retrieve non-invoiced jobs from Wind2 FMS and allow Accountants to create invoice files to send to their Clients. This would eliminate the need for an individual to manually enter this information.

Duration: 1 month

Role: Design and develop a VB.NET Win32 application

  • Gather requirements from the Client (Accounting) and maintain communication to ensure an excellent product was delivered
  • Develop Stored Procedures to pull the necessary information from the database (SQL Server)
  • Develop a Win32 application using VB.NET that, based on user-input, would create the necessary standardized files Accountants can upload to their Clients via the Internet

Web-based Suite of Geomatics Applications

Purpose: To have a various web-based applications ranging in functionality from properties to assisting in law enforcement to emergency response.

Duration: 2+ years

Role: Application Developer

  • Originally developed in VB6. It provided access to a standard database for crimes and property tracking. It also provided address searching, and graphical and statistical analysis. MapGuide was used for mapping crimes, property parcels, owners, buildings, etc
  • With the release of the .NET framework, this application was upgraded to make use of the newest technologies such as ASP.NET, VB.NET, and ADO.NET
  • Many various components were developed that provided additional functions and that were customizable on the back-end through XML

Internal Applications

Purpose: To develop and maintain a suite of enterprise web-based solutions, in an integrated environment, delivered through a Corporate Intranet

Duration: On-going

Role: Application Developer, Maintenance, Support

  • Tools used include VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML, VB6, MTS, SQL Server
  • Client: Tracks Clients, Offices, Contacts
  • Job Books: Tracks job and drawing information for different departments, used in Surveying and Engineering. Interaction with Wind2 FMS (Accounting application) to transfer job, client, and contact information
  • Time sheets: 3-tier application used for office time entry and field time entry. Interaction with Wind2 FMS (Accounting application) to transfer billable time to job numbers
  • Crew Tracking: Track field crews on-site
  • Accounts Receivable Tracking System: Developed for an increased turn-around time for sending invoices



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