One of the things that interests me, and that I hope to create posts about, is entertainment. Movies, TV and more, hopefully I can write about some of it here.

Generally speaking, you will be able to search on this site, as well as view the tag cloud or entertainment category to narrow down results.

This page also serves as sort of the main ‘sticky page’ for entertainment, where I may post about what I’m currently watching/reading, or provide links to sites of interest.

What I’m Currently Watching:

  • Currently I’m trying to make my way through The Complete Series of ER. I bought it (all 15 seasons in a box set) from Amazon. So far, I’m loving it. In season 4 currently.
  • TV, much is on hiatus right now. But I watch a lot… more to come.

What I’m Currently Reading:

  • I just finished reading Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper“, the Memorial Edition. I highly recommend it.
  • Currently I’m reading Joe Hill’s “NOS4A2“. I started it a while back, then forgot about it, and now am going to finish it up before starting on anything new.

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