About This Site

My idea for this site is just to present general wonderings, or talk about movies I’ve seen, food I’ve cooked, share some photographs, or maybe cover something tech related I’ve come across.

If you know me and there is something specific you think might be cool to cover (like an idea for a close-up photograph, or some thoughts on a movie or product), let me know, maybe I’ll get around to looking at it.

I think this site should work out alright. Previously I just had custom html and/or php to build a site, but thought I’d give WordPress a go. I haven’t really used it before but I think it should be great for adding posts allowing for comments to them. I found this neat theme which I decided to use as well, it’s Parallax by CyberChimps. We’ll see how it goes, but I think it’ll do the trick.

You may have also stumbled across this site from one of my other sites, as I will be redirecting that traffic here, as it’s pretty outdated and some of it will be retired.



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